"Lessons From the Hawk" author Mark Kennedy: BOOK REVIEW

Lessons from the Hawk

Mark Kennedy

Holistic Education Press (2001)

ISBN 1885580053

Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (2/06)

What? Why? How? What if? So what? These are questions that Mark Kennedy answers in his book, Lessons from the Hawk. Kennedy breaks down learning styles into four perspectives, nicknamed the Professor, the Troubleshooter, the Inventor, and the Guide. The Professor is the traditionalist who wants to know “what”, and the Troubleshooter needs to know “why” or “how”. Inventors discover by asking “what if”, and Guides ask “so what”.

Kennedy provides a wealth of information on how to implement lessons for all styles of learning. He offers a questionnaire for the reader to answer to find his or her personal style of learning, and then gives suggestions for discovering students’ styles. Ideas for specific subjects are listed and general goals for the different learning styles are listed as well. Basic ideas of classroom management are also offered.

This book was enlightening because I discovered different styles of learning I hadn’t thought of before. I not only learned about ways to improve the lessons in my classroom, I learned more about my own style of learning. Kennedy expresses insightful ideas in his book and I found it to be helpful for myself in creating a more meaningful learning experience for the students in my classroom. I recommend all teachers and administrators read this book. I also think this book would be helpful for parents as well.