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Find Out Why A Holistic Lifestyle Is Best For You

What is a holistic lifestyle?

What I mean by a holistic lifestyle is living in harmony with our natural world. Eating foods that are unadulterated pure and fresh from nature. Not processed, refined, filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients or genetically modified foods. A holistic lifestyle is about moderation in consumption, eating in healthy proportions. Exercise is an important aspect of a holistic lifestyle, exercise that promotes your good health.

Natural medicine is part of the holistic lifestyle.

Using nutrition as medicine, using natural remedies for illness rather that pharmaceutical drugs. Holistic health comes from seeing the body as a whole working machine. Not seeing it in isolated components. Allopathic medicine treats symptoms with drug therapies and often does not address the root causes of illness and disease. Holistic medicine looks at the causes of illness and disease and then treats the root causes with nutrition and other natural strategies to heal and balance.

A holistic lifestyle is conscious and cares for the environment.

When you live your daily life with consideration for the natural environment, you are thinking about everything you do from the lens of how your lifestyle can be environmentally sustainable. Like using biodegradable products around the house, recycling, walking, riding a bike, taking mass transit or car pooling to reduce energy use and lower pollution. A holistic lifestyle also means taking a stand for the Earth politically and socially by living a green model so other people in your life can be influenced to do the same.

Being empathetic and compassionate for your fellow humans is part of a holistic lifestyle.

If you want the healthiest lifestyle for yourself then wanting the same for others should be a part of your holistic lifestyle. When you help others to be as happy and as healthy as possible then you gain more of the same. Encouraging and teaching other people to embrace a healthy holistic lifestyle not only helps to perpetuate your lifestyle but also contributes to the general sustainability and health of all people.

Slowing down and living a more simple lifestyle can lower stress.

A holistic lifestyle limits negative stress. When you slow down and smell the flowers, when you do what you can to simplify your daily life and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like nature, friendship you are living more holistically. Living with a holistic philosophy might mean being less materialistic, limiting your consumption of things that you don’t really need and that might be contributing to the damage of the environment.

A holistic lifestyle is in harmony both mentally and physically with the natural cycles of life.

One of the primary aspects of living a holistic life style is that we understand and accept that as a human you are a member of natures community not superior or high above it. The natural world is not there for your exploitation but there for your benefit when you respect and care for the natural world. How we humans see our place in the natural cycle of this planet is at the root of how we can maintain environmental sustainability.

Living a holistic lifestyle means being part of the whole of life and consciously and deliberately choosing lifestyle choices that do no harm to the rest of the plants, animals and life on our planet. This way of living takes motivation and focus, but the rewards are huge. You can be naturally healthy, live with limited or no stress, feel good about your personal impact on the environment and know that you are a positive force for a healthy and sustainable world.